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Tina Davies Artist

Artists Statement


At the age of 19 I trained as a potter in the Lake District and subsequently worked in a pottery in Antigua, the Caribbean.


I returned in 1991 to study Art and Design in Carlisle and finally completed a Ceramics degree at university in Cardiff, Wales. On completion I moved to Brighton where I helped to create and run an art gallery in Brighton for four years. I specialised in curating exhibitions for the Applied Arts.


In 2001 I set up my greeting card company Grogrogro Design which led to my career as a full time painter and potter. I love to be in nature and have a passion for gardening. I am fortunate to live in Brighton, a vibrant city which is blessed by the coast and the Sussex downs. I have a love of travel and discovering new landscapes and culture which add to the riches of inspiration.


The core of my work comes from freedom. I am inspired by the synergy of nature, the play of energies in the process of creation. I work from the heart wishing to achieve 'no mind'. I am passionate to create and often move around diverse materials, oils, ink, clay, therefore forming no patterns, no rules. I paint with my hands creating a closer relationship to the subject and medium allowing myself to flow with the experience of the process itself.



Born - Sydney, Australia 1970

Currently - Lives and works in Brighton, England


Education and Experience


2020 Brighton Seafront Arch Gallery open when possible due to pandemic

2020 Art5 Gallery - ongoing representation

2020 Corner Gallery - ongoing representation

2020 Xmas Open House (Montpelier Road - Dec)


2019 Opening of Studio Arch - Brighton Seafront July 21st

2019 Ceramic collection commissioned by Glyndebourne 

2019 Art5 Gallery - May Festival Showcase May 1-7th

2019 Art5 Gallery - ongoing representation

2019 Corner Gallery - ongoing representation

2019 Pop up show - Lord Roberts on the Green with the Corner Gallery


2018 Art5 Gallery - ongoing representation 

2018 Corner Gallery - ongoing representation

2018 Martlets Spailspace - Public sculpture for Martlets Hospice and care June-November

2018 'Poppy' the snail 1st in online peoples vote on twitter

2018 Auction for South West Kidney Charity in conjuntion the Corner Gallery


2017 Xmas Artist Open House, Brighton Nov/Dec

2017 Ashdown Gallery, Mixed Flower Group Show, September

2017 Countryfile Live, Paintings and Demos, Aug 4-7th 

2017 Spring Show, Corner Gallery, April-May 

2017 Spring Show, Ashdown Gallery, April-May



2016 Chester Arts Fair, November

2016 Countryfile Live, Paintings & Demos 4-7th Aug

2016 Summer Show, Corner Gallery, July-Aug

2016 Valentines Exhibition, Ashdown Gallery, Feb


2015 ‘MADE’ Brighton Art Fair, November

2015 Heart Kitchen, Live painting event, October

2015 Lavender Exhibition, Corner Gallery, June

2015 East Collaboration, May Festival, Brighton

2015 Lys Boutique, May onwards, Zurich

2015 Easter Exhibition, Ashdown Gallery, March

2015 Valentines Exhibition, Ashdown Gallery, Feb 

2015 Valentines Exhibition, Art5 Gallery, Feb


2014 Group Show, Art5 Gallery, Brighton, Dec 

2014 Collaboration with EAST in Brighton, Dec 

2014 MADE Brighton Art Fair, Nov 

2014 Collaboration with EAST in Lewes, Sept 

2014 Corner Gallery, Solo Show, Carshalton Beeches, Sept 

2014 SEE Art Fair Tunbridge Wells with Ashdown Gallery, July 

2014 Liverpool Art Fair with Art5 Gallery, July 

2014 Article in Prima Magazine, June Issue 

2014 Ashdown Gallery, Solo Show, Forest Row, May 

2014 Valentines Exhibition, Group Show, Art5 Gallery, Brighton



2013 Xmas Open House, Brighton, Nov-Dec 

2013 Makers Boutique, Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton Nov-Dec 

2013 Xmas Group Exhibition, Corner Gallery, Carshalton Beeches, Nov-Dec 

2013 Xmas Group Exhibition, Ashdown Gallery, Forest Row Nov-Dec 

2013 Ceramics Group Exhibition, Corner Gallery, Carshalton Beeches, September 

2013 Autumn Show, Group Exhibition, Ashdown Gallery, Forest Row 

2013 10 for 10 Charity Exhibition, Art5 Gallery, Brighton, Sept 

2013 Open House, Brighton Festival, May 

2013 Valentine's Exhibition, group show, Art at Five gallery 



2012 Makers Boutique, Fishing Quarter Gallery, Nov/Dec 

2012 Xmas Market, Naked Eye gallery, Hove 

2012 Xmas Exhibition, group show, Corner Gallery 

2012 Edinburgh Art Fair, Art at Five gallery, November 

2012 The Peace Project, Selected to take part in this years publication 

2012 Five for Five, Group exhibition, Corner Gallery 

2012 Brighton Festival Open House, May 

2012 Glasgow Art Fair, Art at Five Gallery 

2012 Valentine Show, Art at Five Gallery, Brighton 



2011 Xmas Open House, Brighton 

2011 ‘Xmas Exhibition’ group show - Corner Gallery, Carshalton Beeches 

2011 Edinburgh Art Fair with Art at Five Gallery, Nov 

2011 'Lavender Exhibition' group show, Corner Gallery, July 

2011 'Open House' Brighton Festival, May 

2011 'Solo Exhibition' Corner Gallery, Carshalton Beeches, April 

2011 'Spring Show' Art at Five Gallery, Brighton, March 



2010 'Xmas Exhibition' group show - December, Naked Eye Gallery 

2010 'Christmas Show' group show - December, Art at Five Gallery 

2010 'Xmas Open House', Brighton, Nov-Dec 

2010 'Edinburgh Art Fair' with Art at Five Gallery 

2010 'Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly' Group Show, Corner Gallery, Carshalton Beeches 

2010 'Open House' Brighton Festival, May 

2010 Glasgow Art Fair with Art at Five Gallery



2009 Xmas Open House, Brighton 

2009 Edinburgh Art Fair with Art at Five Gallery 

2009 Solo show, The Art House, Sept/Oct 

2009 'Open House' Brighton Arts Festival, May 

2009 Glasgow Art Fair with Art at Five Gallery 

2009 Valentines Show, Art at Five Gallery, Brighton 


2008 Xmas Open House, Brighton 

2008 100 Artists for World Aids Day Exhibition 

2008 'Open House' Brighton Arts Festival, May



2007 Brighton Open Houses, Xmas Show 

2007 Birla Millenium Gallery, London, Group Show

2007 Illustrated book 'My Humble Opinion' by Justin Jarrett

2007 Claremont Hotel, Spring Exhibition, Hove


2006 Brighton Open Houses, Xmas Show

2006 Frogfirle Barn, Xmas Show

2006 1215 Gallery, Runnymede, Summer Show

2006 Illustrated book 'All About Me' by Elsabe Smit

2006 Finalist at the Art at Five 'Brighton Artist of the Year' competition.

2006 Exhibition at the Courtyard Gallery, Yorkshire

2006 Nominee of the Best 'Open House' Latest Home Awards, Brighton

2006 'Open House' exhibition, Brighton Arts Festival

2006 Exhibited with the Canvas Gallery, Brighton



2005 Solo Show, The Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton

2005 'Open House' exhibition, Brighton Arts Festival


2004 Exhibited with the Canvas Gallery, Blanche House, Brighton

2004 'Open House' exhibition, Brighton Arts Festival

2004 Illustrated the book 'The Tapestry of Life' by Elsabe Smit



2003 to Present Started 'Grogrogro Design' Greeting Card Business


Gallery/Curator Experience

1998 - 2001 Curator for the Applied Arts, White Gallery, Brighton

2001 SOFA Chicago, curator with the White Gallery. Funded by the Crafts Council, England Exhibition at The Courtyard Gallery, Yorkshire

2000 SOFA Chicago, curator with the White Gallery. Funded by the Crafts Council, England.


1993 - 1997 Ceramic BA Hons, Cardiff University

1991 - 1993 Art and Design Diploma, Carlisle College of Art


Pottery Work Experience

1990 - 1991 Production Thrower - Cockleshell Pottery, Antigua, West Indies

1989 - 1990 Voluntary work - Torver Pottery, Coniston, Lake District

Press Articles

Prima Magazine, June issue 2014

Ingenue Magazine, May issue 2016

The Garden Magazine, July issue 2016

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